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Gopher Free!
Use old tires to keep gophers and other burrowers out out your plants.  Screen in the bottoms with galvanized concrete mesh and fill with garden soil mixture.  Then, plant like any container.  Rabbits, mice and gophers can't burrow in!
M.L. Munz - Running Springs, California

Marker Beads
Felt tip markers used up?  Remove the core and use a sharp knife to slice them into big beads for bead-stringing play!
W. Thompson-Johnson City, Texas

Plastic Jewelry
Handles from old tooth brushes, kitchen utensils, etc. are usually made from thermoplastics and can be re-shaped into rings, bracelets or other fun things.  Use your imagination!  Just place the plastic in very hot water for 3-6 minutes. Remove with tongs and shape with pliers.  The plastic can be cut with a coping saw (it's best to use a vise to hold it), and smoothed with emery paper.
B. Langley - Annapolis, Maryland

Styrofoam "to go" containers from restaurants can be used to make really nifty airplanes for the kiddies.
J. Waterbury - Tuscon, Arizona

Old Envelopes
I cut the corners off of old envelopes to mount photos in my albums.  Just a dab of glue does the job.  Teachers can use larger envelopes to hold things up on bulletin boards.
P. Whatley - Birmingham, Alabama

Milk Carton Blocks
Clean out half-gallon milk cartons.  Fold and tape down the top so it's nice and flat.  Then cover with wrapping paper or adhesive-backed shelf paper. These blocks are great for castles, forts and all sorts of building fun!
M. Vermillion - Costa Mesa, California

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